Tips If You’re Thinking of Selling

Whether you’re dreaming about moving up, downsizing or retiring in another city or abroad, selling your home takes preparation in order to get top dollar for your property.  Here are a few tips to get an edge over other sellers:

  • Consider a Pre-Inspection – this will highlight any major or minor findings and give you an opportunity to proactively do some repairs or minor maintenance.  Plus you can have this ready for buyers along with receipts for things like a new water tank.  And don’t forget to replace your furnace air filters too!
  • Ensure your Real Property Report is current and reflects all property  improvements such as decks, fences, garages, window wells, any sheds over 10 square meters, etc.  If there are any encroachments, you will have an opportunity to contract with the City and avoid delays at closing that could potentially cause a sale to collapse
  • Have permits for major work such as basement finishing, suites, furnace or Air conditioning installations  – when in doubt, contact City Planning & Development.  A lack of permits must be disclosed and may be a red flag for many buyers.
  • Clean, clean, clean! A clean home always appears better maintained and is more appealing
  • Landscaping: ensure your yard is tidy and well kept, trees/shrubs are pruned and entry is attractive – curb appeal really does matter and you want the first impression to lead to a viewing of your property
  • Lighting: ensure rooms are well lit, all bulbs are working and fixtures  are clean.  Consider replacing old/dated fixtures.
  • Consider a Staging Consultation – this is a service I offer as part of my marketing package to help sellers strategically declutter and open up spaces while adding pops of colour/interest to make your rooms and the online presence of your property (photos and videos) draw in buyers while de-personalizing spaces so they can see themselves and in your home.  Whether you do the work yourself or hire a stager, it is time and money well spent.  A staged home typically sells faster and for more money.
  • Consult with a trusted real estate adviser – learn about market conditions in your area, find out what homes in your neighborhood are actually selling for, get advice to prioritize repairs or maintenance you should consider doing before selling, plan timing and timelines to be on market and ensure there is a solid marketing plan to expose your home to the most qualified buyers and agents

For more tips, visit my website  blog “How to Get Top Dollar for your Home” – or call me for a no-obligation consultation.